A downloadable weird fighty thing for Windows and macOS

It's Sir Chris T. Tubbs versus Pat "No Fear, All Sphere" McAvoy in this wintery push-'em-up!

Look at all these outrageous video game features that'll make you keep coming back for more: 

  • Choose one of more than 1 totally unique main characters!
  • Eat more than 3 different kinds of vegan-friendly foods!*
  • Battle each other across just under 10 incredibly diverse levels!
  • A soundtrack that makes you stop and say "hmmm"!
  • Zero golden hamburgers!
  • There's PINEAPPLE BUNs tho!

* All foods comprised of digital TVP


MOVEArrow Keys
JUMPPeriod (.)
Tilde (`)
SLAMSlash (/)
One (1)


Game and whatever by Marlon Wiebe
Terrain GFX by Graeme Borland
PINEAPPLE BUN by Graeme Borland


Originally made for the original Winnitron, this original title was conceived out of pure, crystalline procrastination when I was in college for my real job as a videographer/editor, now a Video Game Trailer Guy.

Then one day circa 2011, a bunch of us student types went to a buffet close to the college and we discovered PINEAPPLE BUNs.  We were all so taken with the puffy, doughy treat that Graeme speed modeled a PINEAPPLE BUN during the remainder of the lunch break.  Of course, that needed to go in the game and it became the DE-facto trophy for our two in-game contestants.  He then modeled a bunch of new nice looking ice blocks and some better backgrounds which I put in the game, but got lost for a really long time.

To honour his incredible contributions to this game, I opened the old project in the newest Unity, painstakingly reconstructed the game, updated a few things, and have uploaded it here for you to enjoy.

Also!  Check it out on the Winnitron Network. :)


SumoTopplers for Windows 18 MB
Sumo Topplers for macOS 30 MB

Development log


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Love it -- Great update! All this time I thought that was a giant butter biscuit...

3D text still reads "best two out of three rounds" but game plays best three rounds out of five. Can you fix the text?

Also, just noticed 1P controls move both sumos, but only in round 4. Easy kill as 1P can just move right and win round.

🤦‍♂️ hah wow that's a typo and a half!  Also thanks for finding that bug, I'll see if I can't patch it up sometime today.  Glad you like it anyways :)

Any hope for the controls fix and/or the text? :-)

Ack!  I need to get on this!  Keeping my games up to date is not a priority atm but maybe i'll have some time this weekend to sort it out!  Please keep reminding me!

Hey @thedove!  Try downloading now, I fixed that stuff and added some new visuals too for the heck of it!


WinXP fix please? :P https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/07/10/deprecating-directx-9/


Hey!  Just did the fix, try it again and let me know if it works! :)


Again theese fixes gives to me a Kerner error, but tnx anyway :)


Ah nuts.  Sorry I'm not entirely sure how else to fix this!


If you are interested to try more, I've noticed that all Unity games works for me if the file UnityPlayer.dll is missing.