You are friends.  Show your love using nothing but your fists.

This game was made over a weekend for the Winnitron.   It's my attempt to make a minimal 1v1 fighting game.  It's intended to be played on an arcade machine with 8-way joysticks.

How To

Pull your fist back to wind up a punch, then direct it towards your pal.  To block, put your fist in front of you.  If blocked, you get stunned for a second, so plan accordingly.  That's about it.

"One punch deserves another."                       
              - A Proverb


To start, press Period.
To quit current round, press Escape.
To Quit game, press escape on title.

Move Fist
Beatbox. and /
` and 1


Download 25 MB
Download 25 MB


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Doesnt work i dont know what button to press to start the game.

Ah you have to press period, which is button 1 for player 1 (also does beatboxing).  The controls are for an arcade machine which only has two buttons per player which is why it’s set up like that.  I’ll change the description to make it easier to understand.  Thanks!

i am really excited to play, thank you!